Scientific coordinators

  • Andrey B. Rubin, Chairman of council on biophysics of RAS, Head of Biophysics dep., Biological faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
  • Ian P. Smith, President of IUPAB, Director General, Institute for Biodiagnostics NRC, Canada

Scope of the event

Modern non-invasive methods of spectroscopy are very effective and have a great advantage in biopolymer research. They are successfully used for bioindication of different diseases since they provide an opportunity to detect primary stages of different pathogenic changes. Biomedical spectroscopy is the boundary area in biophysics where a great number of new results have been obtained for the last years.

At the symposium we are going to discuss fundamental basis of spectral methods as well as the results of their application in biomedicine. Special attention will be given to infrared spectroscopy methods, polarized fluorescence, acoustic methods, gamma ray and optical spectroscopy, IBD, NRC and others as well as to the problems of their application in medicine. Principles and methods of modern biomedical diagnostics based on spectroscopy methods will be discussed with special reference to primary processes of optical and ionizing radiation effects on biopolymers.

Invited speakers (to be confirmed)

  • Ian C.P. Smith (Canada)
  • Valery Kupriyanov (Canada)
  • Henrik Flyvbjerg (Denmark)
  • Alexei Bogdanov (USA)
  • Eugene Nikolaev (Russia)
  • Piotr Bregestovski (France)
  • Joe Tien (USA)
  • Yury Vladimirov (Russia)
  • Leo Gribov (Russia)
  • Alex I. Smirnov (USA)
  • Michael Andre (USA)
  • Erik Mosekilde (Denmark)
  • Alexander Archakov (Russia)
  • Alexander Sobolev (Russia)
  • Leonardo Masotti (Italy)
  • Victor Svet (Canada)
  • John Connally (Canada)
  • Eugene Gussakovsky (Canada)
  • Alexey Sissakian (Russia)
  • Aaron Fenster (Canada)
  • Latchezar Avramov (Bulgaria)
  • Sylwester Sommer (Germany)
  • Eugene Krasavin (Russia)
  • Andrzej Wojcik (Poland)
  • Stanislav Kozubek (Czechia)
  • Radostina Georgieva (Bulgary)


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